The greatest influence on my work is the ocean and my daily swim has become the narrative for my work. The act of surrendering to the cold awakens a connection through time to somewhere primordial.


My favorite swimming place is a sea cave near my home. The cold, dark, watery tunnels open out into womb-like caverns evoking feelings of dread but also a strangely comforting feeling of being ‘home’. The cave is inhabited by shadows that appear as ambiguous forms. It has become, for me, a place of transformation and has led me to explore through my work the idea of a ‘space between’.


It is a place of unknowing. By taking away known ideas we open up infinite possibilities as the imagination is untethered. It is a place where we can go beyond expectation.


My paintings evoke fairy tales filled with shadowy beings that may be human, animal (or both), which possess the ability to cross boundaries and transform. My aim is to instill into my work the sense of wonder mixed with unease that I feel in the cave.


Painting for me is a potent experience, the mark-making is a physical rendering of my thoughts. I feel the visceral quality of the paint as if it is a part of me that is spilling onto the surface.